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PETA EyetoEye Virtual Reality Live Acting


EyeToEye is a uniquely emotional virtual reality experience for PETA that allows users to engage in real-time dialogue with a virtual animal, and observe the world from its perspective.


I worked on this project as a part of the team at the digital agency Demodern. I took the lead on working at the face- and body tracking part, as well as the hardware setup of the actor and user.

For me, the project started with a significant research phase. My goal was figuring out the right technologies for tracking the actor's face and body. I had to evaluate and test a lot of options before making a decision. Afterward, it had to be integrated into the game engine. A lot of work was built side by side with artists and designers alike.

To make EyeToEye possible, we have used a real-time framework that has been developed in Unreal - a game engine - and have explored a variety of possible solutions for face and body tracking, real-time 3D animation as well as binaural sound design.

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Alexa Dart Skill


Analogue Board, Digital Counting.

I developed an Alexa and Google Assistant app that assists darts players when playing so that they can focus on the most important part - the throwing.


~70 weekly sessions


It not only counts your score. It can also help you at checkout situations because it knows all the routes, so you don't have to.

Many darts players prefer the old-school way of playing darts with an analog board. It feels and sounds more pleasing and not like a toy for kids. The goal with the app was to eliminate the one downside the old-school boards have - you have to count.

I learned a lot from this project and I am pleased with what I have achieved. There is alot that can be improved and problems that could have been prevented with proper user testing, but I am still working on it. Progress will be made!



DSC04120_2.jpg Simulation


This simulation teaches you about the hydrogen cycle in the city, and its relation to renewable energy.

You can control this application not only by using the touchscreen but also by powering the wind turbine and solar cell yourself by hand.

The target group was defined by Honda. Their goal was to teach senior students as part of an event about the future with hydrogen.


This was the first group project at my Interactive Media Design studies. The UI and UX are not well thought out. As a user, you are not presented with a clear goal, nor end. But still, I love this project. When we presented it at an exhibition people had fun, and that’s great.

Additionally, I learned a lot about tinkering with microelectronics, and it was my first project with the Game Engine Unity3D. We setup an Arduino to read the signals of a Phototransistor and DC Motor. Most of the conceptual work we did as a team. At the later stages, most of the technical work was done on my part.




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